Basement Conversion

A basement or cellar conversion can add 20 to 30% to the value of your property, with the benefit of giving you more space and allowing you to stay in the same place. Older style properties are usually more suitable for a basement conversion as they have suspended timber floors. There does not always need to be an existing cellar. It is possible to create a basement for a modern property, but this is more complex.

Building regulations are very important with basement conversions, and it is good to get expert advice on your designs before submitting your plans for permission, to make sure that everything required to make it safe is incorporated adequately.

Extra consideration needs to be given to heating, ventilation, and waterproofing especially with basement conversions. When determining the final structural engineering design solution full consideration has to be given to the proximity of adjoining buildings and the need to avoid any type of structural damage to your home and the homes of your neighbours.

Having a structural engineer on team, we can work together to help design the best basement conversion for you.

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